The Hidden Treasures of Cleopatra Review

The hidden treasures of Cleopatra is not just another Cleopatra game. Cleopatra is a popular and recurring theme in the world of slots. The Hidden Treasure of Cleopatra, however, is not just another slot – it really stands out in terms of features, although at first glance might be kind of misleading.

What makes The Hidden Treasures of Cleopatra different? There is certainly an interesting board format. The first impression might be a very misleading one when it comes to The Hidden Treasures of Cleopatra slot game – the board looks like a boring vintage slot game with a 3×3 format, but in fact, t changes according to what symbols land! If you land a 4-of-a-kind the board will expand into a 4×4 format featuring more pay-lines (256 comparing to 27 at the base format). If you land a five-of-a-kind the board expands into a 5×5 format featuring a staggering number of 3125 pay-lines!

However, ​when you are on the 5×5 format if you don’t land another five-of-a-kind the game will revert to the 3×3 format.

The Hidden Treasures of Cleopatra Bonus Features – Free Spins

The player may be rewarded with free spins at the 5×5 format of the game, the feature is ignited by the free spins symbol. If you land 3 of those, you get 10 free spins. Landing 4 Free Spin Symbols will be rewarded with 15 free spins and 5 symbols mean you earn 25 free spins!

Cleopatra’s Treasure Trail Bonus Game

If you don’t land any scattered over the board when the 5×5 board format is active, you will be transported to the bonus game.
The main goal here is to win cash rewards.

The Hidden Treasures of Cleopatra Stats

The potential number of pay-lines is very interesting, and the Return to Player (RTP) of 96.86% means the house cut is very little which makes this game a viable option to go for the big win.

The board format is quite interesting in terms of amusement, but the base game remains a simple 3 reels and 3 rows one with just 27 pay-lines.

The game may pay up to 156700x the original bet size which means a 10 CAD bet could actually transform into a millionaire prize.

The Hidden Treasures of Cleopatra Mobile Platform

The Hidden Treasures of Cleopatra is mobile friendly which means it’s the perfect game for people on the move. You can play your favourite game while you are commuting or just enjoying a much-deserved break.

The Hidden Treasures of Cleopatra Summary

The first impression of this game might be very misleading if a player simply opens this slot and sees the 3×3 format it might feel like an overly simple game which is far from the truth – the game may feature over 3000 pay-lines and the expanding reels feature surely makes it very amusing.
The potential winnings of over 100k coins make this game very odd and interesting if you also consider the high Return to Player (RTP).

We can assure all kinds of gamblers will find something interesting about The Hidden Treasures of Cleopatra Slot Game – the players that want to win big and have fun while they bet will enjoy the expanding reels and the players focused on numbers will surely enjoy the maximum potential prize and number of pay-lines.