Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2021: Formula 1 Preview

F1 red car
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It’s hard to believe we have already reached the final 2 events of this year’s Formula 1 season. Another great result for Hamilton in the Qatar GP made the running for 1st place this year even tighter as we move on to the Saudi Grand Prix this December. The 2021 event will be Saudi Arabia’s first Grand Prix in history and from what we know about it already it is going to be one to remember. The specialist track has been built on the Jeddah Corniche (Waterfront) consisting of 50 laps each with a length of 6.174km. 

Story of the 1st Saudi Grand Prix

Plans for the Saudi F1 circuit have been in place since 2019 in Qiddiya, a megaproject situated in Riyadh. In early 2020 former Formula 1 driver and track designer Alexander Wurz was given the opportunity to try out the track layout on a simulator along with other F1 drivers. At the time Formula 1 refused to comment on the possibility of a race however it went on to appear in a 2021 provisional calendar released in October 2020. The host city of Jeddah was announced in November 2020 with the track located on the banks of the Red sea.

There has been criticism of Formula 1’s decision to choose Saudi Arabia a host nation due to allegations of Human Rights abuse. Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch claim the Grand Prix is a distraction from Human Rights abuse in Saudi. It has been denied that the Saudi Grand Prix is being used for sportwarshing and instead is an attempt for Saudi Arabia to open up to the world. 

The 2021 Formula 1 Season

This year the competition has been dominated by 2 drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. In fact they have finished in 1st and 2nd place in every competition since the Turkish Grand Prix in early-october. In fact, of the 2021 season only 4 races have been won by other drivers with Hamilton and Verstappen over 140 points ahead of 3rd place Valterri Bottas. Other race winners include Bottas, Daniel Ricciardo, Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez. 

Behind the two front-runners the competition is more tight with 100 points between the next 6 drivers in the standings.The 2 Canadian drivers in the competition, Lance Stroll and Nicholas Latifi are slightly further down the standings in 13th and `17th place. With only 2 events left in the season  the best we could hope for might be a top 10 finish for Stroll, currently on 34 points. Although the Canadians will not be successful this Formula 1 season they could still clinch a victory at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2021 or the final event in Abu Dhabi later this month. 

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2021 Betting

Placing bets on the outcome of Formula 1 races has been a huge part of this competition since its birth and could make the high-speed races even more exciting. Since the introduction of online sports betting sites this activity has become even easier and potentially popular than ever before. There are now many more options than before, Formula 1 betting isn’t just on the car or driver that wins each race. More information on the bets available can be found on our F1 betting page at the Rockies Casino. 

Of course outright bets are still relevant and popular, that is betting on the driver to win the race outright. This form of betting is great for less experienced Formula 1 viewers however the odds offered can be much more lucrative in other betting forms. Other bets that can potentially be placed include the winning cars constructor, the fastest qualifiers, practice winners, winning margins and podium positions. Gambling sites include a large list of potential bets you can place on the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and the odds included with these bets. You can also place a bet on a car to retire from the race, this often offers the best odds on a Formula 1 race. Retired cars means that they are unable to finish the race, this could be down to a crash, or perhaps a fault in the mechanics. 

The busy Formula 1 season every year means that races on which to bet are never too far away. If the Saudi Grand Prix is your first time betting on Formula 1 and you are looking for a site on which to bet, why not check out our sports betting sites page. These offer competitive odds and a range of betting options to look through and hopefully win from. 

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2021 Prediction

It is clear to see from the previous results this season who is most likely to win this race, a cautious bettor would think any other bet is foolish. However the odds on Verstappen or Hamilton winning the way things are would make these bets near enough pointless. If you are looking for a higher payout perhaps a bet on 4 or more cars to retire would be worthwhile. With the temperature and lack of experience at this track it is possible accidents will result in cars retiring. Alternatively betting on practice winners might be better or podium positions at the end of the race.


The 2021 Saudi Grand Prix is sure to prove another exciting and celebrated weekend fo4 both the drivers and the organisers of this event. This season has surely proven an exciting one and as we reach the second last event the competition has never been so heated. If only now you are getting involved with Formula 1 betting then hopefully this feature has been useful and you are ready to enjoy this popular betting market.
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