Best Online Roulette

Choosing the right type of roulette game can be a challenge and a daunting prospect for many individuals, regardless of whether they are an avid roulette gamer or if they are new to the classic table game and are just setting off to enjoy the wonderful adventure that the casino game will provide them with.

In this article, our roulette experts have identified three of the most popular types of roulette that can be picked to be played at some of the casino partners that we have on our site available to you with the best betting bonuses.

With each one identified, the experts have identified why each one of them is considered to be the best online roulette game type available to play and why our readers should think about playing them as soon as possible!

20p Roulette

Undoubtedly one of the best online roulette games that can be played by Canadian bettors is the 20p Roulette variant that is available.

20p Roulette is a rather standard roulette game as there is one green field (i.e. just one single-zero), thus making it incredibly similar to the European Roulette variant that can be found commonly at all great casinos.

This game helps to bring back the nostalgia vibes and the classic retro themes that can be associated with the game, as players will be met with a traditional table in which they are able to wager on the potential outcomes that are possible. There are a total of 37 pockets on the roulette wheel, although individuals are able to place bets on ‘Neighbour Fields’.

In truth, there really is no real difference between this 20p Roulette game and the standard European Roulette variant, which is why it makes this game one of the best online roulette games bettors of all levels can enjoy!

American Roulette

In contrast to European Roulette, there is a variant that is known as American Roulette and this game is perhaps more familiar to Canadian bettors compared to many of the other types that are currently available to play.

The main takeaway for this variant compared to the other versions that are available is that there is an extra pocket available on the roulette wheel. This is represented by the double-zero that can be found in addition to the single-zero. Therefore, a total of 38 pockets are now available for the marble ball to land in when spun on the wheel.

The gameplay is exactly the same as many of the other games that are available, as bettors will simply need to try and predict the outcome of where the ball will land, with American Roulette just providing them with an additional betting option to think about.

Although there may be an additional pocket, the payouts for this game remain as standard, with those who correctly predict the right number able to receive 35:1 for their bet, whilst those who successfully predict whether it will land on Red/Black or Odd/Even will receive 1:1.

Golden Chip Roulette

Golden Chip Roulette is a game that has been created by developers, Yggdrasil, and provides bettors with one of the options that the best online roulette Canada has to offer, especially because it can provide individuals with a rather interesting unique take on the classic game.

This roulette title follows the standard gameplay rules and payouts that can be expected of the classic casino table game, with a total of 37 pockets available on the wheel, whilst the payouts remain standard.

However, the interesting twist that can be experienced by individuals who decide to give this game a go is that they could potentially see their winnings be multiplied significantly if they are successful in predicting the right outcome!

Bets will need to be placed on the ‘Straight Bets’ option – picking the correct number which has a return to player (RTP) rate of 96.8% – but instead of only receiving a prize that is 35:1 of their stake, they will also have the potential to obtain a prize that has been hit with a win multiplier! This can range from 10x and go all the way up to 500x the stake, meaning some extremely big rewards can be won!


There are a number of great variants to choose from when looking to find the best online roulette games to play, with bettors in Canada able to enjoy a huge selection that can make their experience rather exciting.

Our roulette experts at would highly recommend the games outlined above to be tested at the very least, although others available could also be extremely rewarding.