Responsible Gambling

Gambling has always been deeply embedded in our culture and lifestyle in Canada. We have always been known for our notorious love for entertainment of all sorts and our ability to embrace new means of amusement from different cultures.

With the rise of the internet era and the increasing use of mobile phones, gambling became more accessible than ever. No matter how convenient it might be, our access to 24/7 entertainment via all our devices, mobile phones, tablets or laptops; can make it hard for us to control our consumption of it.

Thus, before we set ourselves in failure position it’s important to understand gambling is a form of amusement and we shall treat it as such.

As players, The Rockies Casino developed a guideline to help you keep your gambling under control. This was developed based on The Canada Gambling Commission’s recommendations:

  • Always play only at licenced Casinos.
  • Set budget limits.
  • Opt-out from promotional materials such as email, SMS and letters
  • Protect your children from gambling materials.
  • When it feels, you are starting to lose control take a time out or self-exclude.
  • If you are prone to addiction avoid mobile casino apps.
  • Contact an organization that can help you with gambling addiction if in need.
  • Beware that any licences and rule obeying casino in Canada offers you the possibility to take a cool-off period or a time out. You can choose how long you would like the cool off period to be from 24h to six weeks. The cool-off period will block your access for the chosen period of time. If you believe that six weeks might not be enough by law every casino in Canada has to offer you the possibility to self-exclude from a period of a few months to a few years.

However, The Rockies Casino would like to remind you that setting boundaries and specific limits to your budget are good beginnings for a healthy relationship with this beautiful “sport” we call gambling. Also, protect your underage children from gambling content as generally online casinos slot games and designs can be very appealing to the little members of our families. Pay special attention to bingo sites that at times feature a series of games that are particularly appealing to children.

On that note, avoid installing mobile casino apps on your phone as children might have access to it. We would recommend that you use the mobile interface of the casino to play your favourite slot games and enjoy your bonuses instead of the app. Also, apps are very compelling and could make you gamble more than you normally would through notifications.

If you are or believe you might be struggling with gambling addiction, we recommend you get help and support from one of the following organizations.

Organizations that help you with debt issues

Debt, while a common problem for all of us at a certain point in time when we relate it to gambling the problem contracts a completely new meaning and level of complexity. Individuals who suffer from gambling addiction are crushed by feelings of remorse and guilt towards their families, partners and other important people in their life. This does nothing more but add a compactly new dimension to the problem at hand and pushes addicts to borrow even more and gamble more in an effort to cover their debt.

It is essential to remember that gambling addiction is a sickness and should be treated as such. Thus, give people who struggle with such problem the support they need to get through this addiction and lead them to recovery. For help with debt issues contact one of the organizations below.

Tools to help you control your addiction

Some organization focus on providing players with a more pragmatic solution as GamBlock and Count Me Out. GamBlock offers you a feasible way of controlling the time you spend gambling and money you spend on such entertainment. This is a tool that uses analytical data to block sites. It also offers a solution for other devices such as mobile and tablet.

Count Me Out, is a database that gives people the possibility to exclude themselves from any gambling activity. If you are really having a hard time controlling your addiction this might be the thing that will keep you away from it for good. Beware that they require ID and personal information to be able to control your behaviour.