Red Hot Win Spin

Red Hot Win Spin Slot Game Review

Red Hot Win Spin Stats

Red Hot Win Spin Slot Game brought to you by Probability Jones and brings some quite interesting stats – it features one the highest Return to Player (RTP) percentage of the market, 97.1% which means the players will receive a higher chance to get their money bet as prizes – in fact, the house only takes 2.9% as a commission or profit margin which makes Red Hot Win Spin a viable option to profit.

It is considered a game of medium to high variance which means it is not a game of low commission and frequent payments, in fact, it pays bigger prizes less often which can suit the needs of players that want to risk little and win big while having some leisure time – Red Hot Win Spin can be quite profitable and it surely is more amusing than a lottery ticket.

The game features a traditional board format of 5 reels and 3 rows, and it has 243 winning possibilities. The game is fairly new as it was released on July 15th 2019.

Red Hot Win Spin Mobile Platform

Red Hot Win Spin is mobile friendly which means our team of Casino pundits has tested it to exhaustion across several different devices running Apple and Android systems including phones, tablets, notebooks and netbooks and we can assure you it runs just as smoothly it does on desktops.

Red Hot Win Spin Game Platform

Not just another fruit game… Red Hot Win Spin is certainly a game that stands out and it isn’t just another fruit game in the world of slots.

Although the theme may be kind of boring the graphics are very well made and the final appearance is quite aesthetically pleasing, the game is certainly ideal for players that enjoy having some leisure time while going for the big win. The combination of generous RTP, medium to high variance and great design make this game perfect to all kinds of players, those focused on the numbers and the ones that want to have fun.

Red Hot Win Spin Unlimited Free Spins

With a great range of bonus features Red Hot Win Spin is full of generous bonus features that could really enhance your chances of winning big, those include the Fire Respin Feature, the Win Spin Bonus Feature and the Win Streak Feature.

Red Hot Win Spin Bonus Feature

​If you land several Hot Symbols in a row you can lock yourself into a loop of bonus rounds and if the player reaches 10 of those then a special multiplier is unlocked which could make you win very big.

Fire Respin Bonus Related to Scatters and Wilds it may enhance the chances of winning cash prizes.

Win Streak Feature If this bonus is triggered then a sequence of 10 free spins with a guaranteed winning combination is ignited – that’s right, 10 guaranteed winning rounds! Imagine how much money you could make with 10 free winning spins.


The fruit theme is often misleading because it’s very common but after taking in account the stats of the game and the gameplay Red Hot Win Spin must be considered a very original game and a viable option to win big while having some leisure time.

The game is complete in terms of features and the design is very good.