Qatar Grand Prix 2021: Formula 1 Preview

f1 car race
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After one of Hamilton’s most impressive performances to date in the Brazil Grand Prix we move on to the next weekend of Formula 1 in Qatar. In less than a week’s time the drivers will return to the competition for a weekend at Losail International Circuit in Qatar. With only 3 races left in this year’s season the pressure is at an all time high for these drivers as they prepare for the first ever Qatar GP. Excitement is already building for the drivers to meet this 5.380km long circuit which they will have to complete 57 times on race day.

History of the Qatar GP

After it was built in 2004 the Losail International Circuit has hosted the Motogp amongst other motorcycle events. The 2021 event is part of a 10-year deal with F1, the event will be postponed next year as Qatar are hosting the FIFA World Cup. The reason for their inclusion in the 2021 season comes from the start of the season where the Australian Grand Prix was postponed and then cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions. Qatar was not announced as the replacement for Australia until October, the event is not being called the Ooredoo Grand Prix after the telecommunications company sponsoring the event. 

Although the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix is the first MotoGP event to be hosted in Qatar, a 2006 Grand Prix Masters event was held at Losail. This tournament was cancelled after only 2 years due to bankruptcy, but it helped to put Qatar on the map as a potential Grand Prix hosting country.

The Formula 1 season so far

The performance by Lewis Hamilton mentioned earlier refers to his first place finish despite starting 10th in the grid.  He made up for this disadvantage with 11 laps still to go and beat Verstappen in a tight race to claim first place. 

The result in Brazil last weekend is much the same as it has been all competition, Hamilton and Verstappen have dominated this season with over 100 points between 2nd and 3rd place. The standings after these 2 frontrunners is slightly more tight between Bottas, Perez and Norris. For those interested in placing a bet on a winner at the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix the 1st and 2nd place positions have been held by Hamilton and Verstappen in more than half of the races in this competition. 

This year has not been a great one for Canada, with 2 drivers taking part in the competition the best finish so far is 7th place. Nicholas Latifi and Lance Stroll, both of Montreal and both drivers for Mercedes have held positions in the bottom half of the standings for some time. As Qatar has never held a Grand Prix before there is no indication on how the race will go, maybe Stroll or Latifi can get a podium finish at Losail. 

Betting on the Qatar GP.

If there was anything to make this adrenaline-fuelled sport even more exciting it would be placing stakes on the outcome of races. This has been a popular addition to MotoGP for as long as races have taken place and there is little wonder why. The berting possibilities with the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix include more than just the winning car and driver, if you know about Formula 1 there is a range of bets available you could win from. If you would like to learn more about betting on Formula 1 we have an F1 betting guide available to read through.

In its simplest form betting on the Qatar GP would be the winning driver for each race however there are better odds available on different bets. These are known as Outright Bets and are great for newcomers, if you’re looking for higher value returns it is definitely worth looking through the other potential bets on offer. Other bets are available on the winning cars constructor, the fastest qualifiers, practice winners, podium positions, winnings margins and more. Normally the best odds on Formula 1 are on the first car or number of cars to retire, that means the car will have to stop racing for a fault in mechanics or crash. 

What’s great about Formula 1 bets are the long season of races throughout the year, this year for example the season takes place March – December. Because there are so many Grand Prix events each year, in no time newcomers to Formula 1 will grasp an understanding of the season. If you are looking for a sports betting site to try your hand at Formula 1 bets at the 2021 Grand Prix in Qatar then check out our affiliate sites. Along with competitive odds there are exciting sports betting bonuses on offer here adding more excitement to your Formula 1 betting experience. 

Qatar GP Prediction

Looking at performances this season the only sensible bet for winner’s in Qatar would be Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen. However we have to keep in mind this is a completely new circuit for all drivers, there could be a surprising result on Sunday. Because of the climate in Qatar this race is looking to be the 4th night race of the Formula 1 season which is always a different experience altogether. Despite the powerful light instalments across the track and drivers training we may expect to see more retired cars than usual in Qatar.


This weekend’s Grand Prix action is sure to be on for the history books, the first to take place in Qatar and the form of drivers competing at the moment is exciting to say the least, We think that this would be a great starting weekend for any fans or otherwise looking to try their hand at Formula 1 betting. Hopefully this feature ahs been of use in explaining the sport, how the season has gone and the potential bets you can place in Qatar. 

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