King Of Olympus Slot Game

King Of Olympus Review – Join The Gods 

When an online slot is created by Playtech, there is more than enough reason to take it seriously. With several big titles behind the game developer, King of Olympus only reinforces why Playtech is a leader in terms of developing online slot games. For the last several years, the company has gained a reputation for the superhero slots it produced, but King of Olympus sees Playtech moving towards the future. So, if you’ve seen a preview of the slot and you want more info, enjoy this King of Olympus Review. 

The Overall Theme 

The King of Olympus is the first in a series by Playtech, based on Greek mythology. Players are literally taken to the skies where a great quest awaits. And as you can expect from the developer, the graphics do not disappoint. Everything from the atmosphere and setting to the symbols and reels is visually impressive. In turn, the player gets immersed in a mythical world centering on Mount Olympus and Zeus himself.   

Paylines, Reels, And Bets

The King of Olympus slot uses a rather straightforward 25-payline and 5-reel system. As for the betting options, it’s a game that will attract modest players thanks to the low betting threshold of  But even high-rollers can try their luck with a max bet of 2500. 

Progressive Jackpot 

It’s important to understand that you won’t be playing for one big jackpot defined by the reels. Instead, the King of Olympus online slot game is tied to a 4-tier progressive slot. And every tier only strikes at random. So, it doesn’t matter which symbols you get in a row, or even if every line is a loser, the progressive jackpot can hit at any time. 

You should also know that a progressive jackpot means it never stops growing. Every time someone plays one of the Age of the Gods slots, the jackpot increases until someone wins. 

Special Features And High-Paying Symbols 

While you wait for the progressive jackpot to strike, there are other ways you can make some substantial money. They include:

  • Multipliers 

Once the free spins round has been unlocked via the temple scatter symbols, the multiplier is activated. It starts with x2 and gradually increases as the free spins continue. 

  • Wild

Zeus is used for the Wild symbol, and during the free spins, he’ll stay fixed in the center reel. From here, he’ll increase your winnings. 

  • Scatter 

As mentioned, the temple serves as the scatter symbol and you need three or more to unlock the 10 free spins. 

  • 3D Graphics 

Lastly, if you love 3D graphics in online slot games, you will definitely appreciate how Playtech approached it. From start to finish, you will like what you see and hear. 

Final Verdict 

There is no doubt that Playtech has put a lot of effort into the Age of the Gods series. And the front-runner, King of Olympus, can be considered the perfect foundation for the titles that follow. Now that you have a better idea of what to expect through this King of Olympus review, why not try it for yourself?