Ice Hockey Betting

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Ice Hockey is number 1 sport in Canada, it is popular with fans and better alike. If you are unsure on where to start with ice hockey betting options then you have came to the right place as here at The Rockies Casino, we have put together this guide to highlight everything you need to know when betting on ice hockey.

How is Ice Hockey played?

If you are looking to start betting on ice hockey then you need to get familiar on which games to bet on. The National Hockey League (NHL) is a league of 30 teams that exist in the United States and Canada. The 82 games played per season means there’s always something to bet on! 

Ice Hockey is played by hitting a small, round puck across the ice with sticks hoping to score in the opponent’s goal and finish with more points than them. It is played by 2 teams consisting of 5 outfield players and a goalie, games are divided into 3 periods each lasting 20 minutes. 

Ice Hockey Teams

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the teams in the NHL before betting on ice hockey as this can help inform your decisions. The Canadian NHL team include: 

  • Calgary Flames – Originally the Atlanta Flames changed to Calgary in 1980, went on to lift the Stanley Cup in 1988. 
  • Edmonton Oilers – Played their first NHL season in 1979-80 before lifting the Stanely Cup 5 times that decade. Only Canadian team to sign Wayne Gretzky. 
  • Montreal Canadiens – Joined the NHL in 1917 having since won 23 Stanely Cups and produced 55 hall of fame players. 
  • Ottawa Senators – Created in 1992 the Senators are yet to win the Stanley Cup; they have however made 16 playoff appearances. 
  • Toronto Maple Leaf’s – Founded in 1917 as the Toronto Arenas they have won the Stanley Cup, however not since the 1960’s. 
  • Winnipeg Jets – The newest addition to the NHL since they were created in 1999 the jets have appeared in the playoffs 4 times without winning the Stanely Cup. 
  • Vancouver Canucks – Founded in 1970 the Canucks have appeared the most times in the play offs without winning the cup, 27 times. 

The Stanely Cup is the NHL’s championship trophy awarded to the playoff champion each year. The cup was provided by Lord Stanely of Preston, the appointed Governor General of Canada who not only introduced Ice Hockey to Britain; but helped codify the game in Canada. The trophy was first donated in 1893 to the Montreal Hockey Club, it is the oldest sports trophy in North America.  

Ice Hockey Betting Options

There are quite a lot of choice when it comes to ice hockey betting, some of the selections are similar to soccer betting as you can bet on match results, correct scores and under/over options. It is important to understand the meaning of these bets before using them, they include: 

Match result

Match Result betting is based on the outcome of games, which team will win or if the game will finish at a draw. The win must come after 60 minutes, match result bets do not count extra time victories. This is Hockey’s simplest form of betting and is very popular with seasoned better and newcomers alike. 

Puck Line Handicaps

The Puck line Handicaps work similarly to point spread bets, however in Hockey games the Puck line is normally set at 1.5 meaning the underdog mustn’t lose by more than 2 pints. In other words, the favourite must win by 2 points for the bet to come off, this is because games of Hockey are so tight. 

Goal total Over/Under

With this from of betting you must choose whether you think the combined score at 60 minutes will be over or under a number. For example, an Over 5.5 bet would require a minimum of 6 goals to be scored between both teams combines in order for it to pay out. 

Correct Score

If you’re looking for a bet with high odds perhaps staking on the correct score is the way to go, this requires the better to predict the correct score exactly before the puck has hit the ice. It is very tricky to get right and will require some knowledge of teams and forms to even be close but will be worth it if it does.  

Where To Begin Betting On Ice Hockey

These are just a few examples of the bets you can place on Ice Hockey games right now, to see the full list of possibilities why not check out one of our affiliate sites Ice Hockey bets. The sites we work with and the incredible deals you can take advantage of right now be viewed from our sports betting page.

Summary of Ice Hockey Betting

Hopefully now you know enough to make the most of this great National sport and the betting potential it provides. The more hockey games and news you consume the better your chances of landing a winning bet are, keep an eye out for upcoming Hockey competitions at our sports events centre. 

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