How To Play Blackjack Online


The invention of Blackjack has an unclear history, though the first known record was found in Cervantes ‘Don Quixote’ dating back to 16th/17th century France. French colonists brought this game with them to America where it became the casino classic, we know it as today. The name comes from a popular bet which offers odds on player who have blackjack (the jack of spades or clubs with an ace). 

Blackjack Today

Blackjack is now an essential member of house and casino table games; its global popularity could be down to its simplicity. At the moment casinos around the world are unable to open and so it makes sense that online sites are seeing rise in registrations and with more people playing than ever before online now is a prefect time to give it a try. 

How To Play Blackjack

The most popular version of blackjack requires players to get as close to 21 with the fewest cards possible, going over 21 results in a loss so it is a risk whether or not to keep chasing it and risk being dealt a card that will push the player above 21. When all players are done receiving extra cards or when someone has reached twenty-one everyone will turn their cards over revealing their hand. The terms used throughout the game vary from person to person however online sites will use words like: 

  • Hit/Twist – be dealt another card. 
  • Stand/Stick – stick with the cards you are dealt. 
  • Bust – player has gone above 21. 
  • Split – if dealt 2 of the same cards these can be split into two hands. 

Playing blackjack online is not that different from playing in person. You can’t see your opponents or the dealer’s hand; you’re all still looking to score 21 and the terminology used remains the same. The main difference is price: there are so many games happening across the world at any given time that it can be as cheap as $00.10 per game online. This means you can also find a game in no time at all with other players logging in from around the world. 

Where To Online Blackjack

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