Golden Sphinx Slot Game Review

Golden Sphinx can really transform your cash into pure gold, the game can multiply your original deposit size by 100k times! That means a 10 dollar bet could actually make you a millionaire!

That spectacular potential prize makes Golden Sphinx stand out in the world of online casino slots, it certainly isn’t just one more Ancient Egypt themed slot game.

An Interesting RTP The game returns to the players 96.48% of the money bet which means the house cut is lower than 4% – the very most of the money bet is paid back as cash prizes which makes Golden Sphinx a viable way to profit.

Golden Sphinx Stats

Golden Sphinx slot game brought to you by Wazdan was released in 2014 and it allows the players the chance to win big (up to 100k times the original bet size) although it is considered of medium to high variance which means players shall expect to win lesser often but bigger prizes. The game features 20 paylines that can be activated in several different directions and not just the traditional horizontal ones.

The coin size ranges from 0.1 to 100 and the game uses the concept of “coin size” which means the player must set the financial aspects of the bet very carefully before spinning the reels, to do that use the buttons “coin value” and “cash bet”. The number of paylines is fixed and cannot be changed.

Golden Sphinx Design and Game Play

Although the game allows the player the opportunity to win big and the stats are very generous in terms of RTP too the design is simple, which makes Golden Sphinx slot game an interesting option for players that want to rest their eyes a little after playing games with 3d effects or expanding/moving Wilds. Golden Sphinx is far from being boring, but it allows the players a more relaxed betting time.

Golden Sphinx Traditional Bonus Features and Symbols

The game doesn’t bring much innovation when it comes to symbols and features, you have Scatters and Wilds but nothing like very innovative features that exist these days such as expanding reels or moving wilds, the game sticks to the basic but it counts on strong stats – the symbols are therefore the usual ones you expect to see in a game based on Ancient Egypt – some elements of the Egyptian pantheon and aesthetics as well as card numbers.

Golden Sphinx Mobile Game-play

You can bet on the reels of Golden Sphinx pretty much anywhere because the game can be played using mobile devices such as tablets, phones and of course notebooks and desktops as well – our team of slots pundits has tested Golden Sphinx Mobile Slot game to exhaustion using different devices and brands running Apple, Android and Microsoft systems and we can assure you it is the perfect game for coffee break betting.


Not Just Another Ancient Egypt Slot Game Considering its stats the game really stands out and is worth a test. Bet on the reels of the Golden Sphinx today!