Formula 1 – British Grand Prix Preview

Formula 1

The Silverstone Circuit is in Northamptonshire, England and is the home of the Formula 1, British Grand Prix and the British round of the Moto GP. It was first used to host the 1948 Grand Prix although the event didn’t settle there permanently until 1987. The 2021 British Grand Prix at Silverstone will take part on the 18th of July, just 2 weeks after the Austrian GP at Red Bull Ring. It is the length this tournament and number of events across the world that make it so great for anyone to place bets on. 

The F1 Season So Far

The 72nd Formula 1 World Championship to date will see Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes compete to keep the World Drivers’ Champion and the World Constructors’ Champion titles. The teams taking part this year are: 

  • Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen. 
  • Alpha Tauri. 
  • Alpine. 
  • Aston Martin. 
  • Ferrari. 
  • Haas. 
  • McLaren. 
  • Mercedes. 
  • Red bull Racing. 
  • Williams. 

The front runners in most of the races so far has been British, Lewis Hamilton racing for Mercedes and Belgian-Dutch, Max Verstappen for Red Bull with these two-finishing 1st or 2nd in 6 of the 7 Grand Prix’s to date (22/06/21). Another good driver so far this year is Mexican, Sergio Perez who clinched the win in the Azerbaijan GP, just ahead of German, Sebastian Vettel. Following Silverstone there is still a further 12 Grand Prix’s to get through this competition and so the titles are still within grasp for any of the drivers. 

Previous Silverstone Results

Lewis Hamilton has dominated the competition over the past 10 years winning 6 of the races at Silverstone however the 2020 British GP was claimed by Max Verstappen with other winners being Vettel (2018), Rosberg (2013) and Webber (2012). Hamilton currently holds the most Silverstone and the most consecutive Silverstone victories, an impressive feat for any driver.  

Canada at Silverstone

The only Canadian driver that has come first at Silverstone is Jacques Villeneuve for 2 years in a row back in 1996 and 1997. Then driving for Williams, Villeneuve was beaten by Michael Schumacher to end the streak in 1998. 

But could a Canadian get the win this year, there are two drivers competing from Canada: Nicholas Latifi driving for Williams and Lance Stroll for Aston Martin. Whilst Latifi is yet to gain a point Stroll is climbing up the standings with 10 points.  

Betting On Silverstone

Formula 1 Betting revolves around the individual names or teams that are racing, the most popular bet for obvious reason would be an outright bet on who is going to win the race, though this doesn’t offer the best odds. The best odds to place a bet on are normally on the first car or driver to retire from the race, this can be because of anything from a crash to faults in the car it is commonplace to see 1 or 2 cars retire in competitive racing. Other bets include the constructors of the winning team, the fastest qualifier, podium positions, practice winners and winning margins that offer better odds than outright winner. 

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Looking at the races that have taken place so far one would think this to be a 2-car race between Verstappen and Hamilton, especially considering they have both won Silverstone before. However, Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas are withing reaching distance of catching up so Silverstone could be a turning point.  

A wager that I would place based on my knowledge of formula 1 coming from writing this feature would be Hamilton to win (considering his past success at the event) with Verstappen coming in 2nd followed by Perez. But I wouldn’t listen to a word I have to say.