F1 Betting Tips Canada

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The F1 season is one of the longest in any sport, from March to December 21 Grand Prix’s take place around the world. It is little wonder with such regular events that Formula 1 betting is so popular. If you are new to F1 betting or would like to know more about F1 betting in Canada, then we will try to cover every corner in this compressed guide. 

Introduction to F1 Betting

The European Championship of Grand Prix motor racing in the 1920’s and 30s laid the seeds for Formula 1.  The first formula 1 race was the Turin Grand prix in 1946, a year before the official rules and regulations were formalised with the first World Championship hosted at Silverstone, England in 1950.  

Every Formula 1 event will be featured on gambling sites and bookmakers throughout the year, they will all offer competitive F1 betting odds making the races even more exciting. If you are wanting the best opportunity at winning with F1 betting it makes sense to know as much about the sport and potential bets as possible, 

History of F1 in Canada 

There is a long history of Canadas participation in the F1 season, because of this betting F1 in Canada has been popular for many years. The first Canadian Grand Prix was way back in 1961, however this event was not part of the F1 World Championships until 1967.  The Canadian Grand Prix has been hosted at multiple circuits throughout the world, Mosport park hosted the first events with Mont-Tremblant hosting it twice. In 1978 the event was moved to Circuit lle Notre-Dame now the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve where it has remained to this day. 

Canada has been creating brilliant Formula 1 drivers for years, the first professional F1 driver was Peter Ryan in 1961. This was also the year he won the first Canadian Grand Prix though at the time this didn’t not count towards the World Championship. Since then, 14 Canadian have driven in Formula 1 with 2 of them winning events, Jacques Villeneuve and his father the great Gilles Villeneuve held 17 wins between them.  

Why is F1 so popular in Canada? 

Formula 1 betting and racing is so popular in Canada for a number of reasons, of course the great drivers of Canada and the races that have been hosted here are great season for celebration. The first record of official motorsports in Canada was a 60km speed trial from Toronto to Hamilton in 1900, the hobby spread quickly in the 1920’s through events like the Canadian National Exhibitions. Now competitions like NASCAR and the Indy Pro Championships are still very popular which explains why professional Formula 1 racing and F1 betting is so big in Canada. 

Types of F1 Betting 

As we have mentioned betting on Formula 1 events all year round is extremely popular, this is because of the range of events and the variety of bets that can be placed. When it comes to online sports gambling there is a huge selection of bets that can be placed on each race, more than what brick and mortar bookmakers will offer. Bets that you can place online right now include: 

  • Outright Winner – The simplest betting format for F1, great for new starters to F1 betting however might not provide the best odds. If you are going to place outright winner bets we would suggest researching past events and winners if you don’t already know drivers forms. 
  • Driver Matchups – Who will finish in a better position out of 2 drivers, this is a fun bet to place and useful if neither driver are likely to win the race. Choosing who will come out on top out of 2 drivers, can provide good F1 betting odds. 
  • Prop Bets – Proposition bets are placed on whether something will or won’t happen, these bets can be grouped into skilled (takes knowledge and experience to guess the answer) and unskilled (pure chance, blindly guessing if something will come out). 
  • Pole Position – Which driver will achieve the fastest qualifying time and be awarded the pole starting position for the race. 
  • Futures Bets – Name given for Formula 1 bet on who will be victorious at the end of the season. Which team will win the Constructors Championships and which person will win the Driver Championship. 

There are even more potential F1 bets available across the only gambling sites that we work with, the bets way to understand how they work is to join a site and see what is available. Check out our sports betting bonus page for all the great sites we work with that offer great Canada F1 betting odds. There are great sportsbooks such as Spin Sports, 20Bet and Betway.

Biggest F1 season races  

The F1 season involves races all across the world, from Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa. Odds on these events will be available across the gambling websites we work with along with results from previous races. We will also include previews of any upcoming races to ensure you are ready for the next instalment of the F1 season, check out our previews on:

In order for the bet’s possible outcome in F1 betting you should learn as much as possible about the sport that is every score that come throughout the course of the season.  And now you know the sites that over great F1 betting odds on each competition it is only a matter of experiencing the thrills of a race and placing a bet first-hand.  

F1 Betting Tips Summary

We hope that this feature has been helpful in your journey towards F1 betting success. If you are looking for something a bit different, why not check out the slot games you can play right now on site from our slot games page. Alternatively look at the great online casino bonuses you can claim right now.