Darts Betting Tips

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A Brief Guide To Darts Betting

Darts has grown in popularity in recent years with lots of televised matches and competitions becoming more and more in demand around the world. You may not watch, play, or even understand Darts, and we would recommend learning about the sport itself before trying to place any bets on it, but if you have even any sort of knowledge about the sport then you can continue reading to find out some more information about darts betting.

Many darts teams, such as local and smaller teams, will play by travelling from local pub to local pub and competing in an interlocked tournament that sees only one team reign victorious. On a high scale, there are tournaments like the PDC Championship which see the best Darts players in the world prove their masterfulness to everyone else. 

Darts Betting Markets

With the popularity of the sport increasing, so has the demand for darts betting. In this section, we will be highlighting many different options you can look at when it comes to darts betting.

As with many other sports, there are a whole host of betting options for Darts that mean you will never run out of choices for how to place your wager. These bets include competitor bets, outright bets, in-play bets, statistics bets and accumulators of multiple options. We will now briefly explain some of the more popular options for Darts bets, so keep reading: 

Match Winner Betting

The best thing about betting on a Match Winner in Darts is the fact that there can never be a draw in a professional game of Darts. One player has to win in any given matchup, so you will always have a 1 in 2 chance of picking the right person, especially if one of them is better than their opponent by a substantial amount. For people who are new to darts betting, match winner betting could be the easiest route to choose as it is the simplest market to understand.

Leg Winner Betting

Competitions in Darts are played in a similar way to other sports, in which they work in Legs that narrow the competitors down from a few to just 2 for the final event. You can bet on who will win each leg in a competition, which is similar to an Outright bet but on a slightly smaller scale. 

Outright Betting

You may be familiar with Outright Bets purely because of betting on other sports, but if not, the concept of an outright bet is to look at a competition as a whole and take into account everyone who is competing in it. You are then selecting which of these competitors you think will either Win the competition, or finish in the Top 3. These are two separate bets, known as ‘Win Outright’ and ‘Place Betting’, but both are forms of Outrights which can also be called ‘Futures’ 

Player Most 180’s Betting

180! That is the most famous call in Darts and is also the most sought-after result from a given 3-dart round. This is because it is the highest possible value for a player to land in all three darts, having to hit three treble-20’s in one go. You can bet on which player in the tournament you think will hit the most 180s, which could be quite easy in a lower level competition where only one player seems capable of doing so. 

Competition Total 180’s Betting

Competition Total 180’s is exactly what you would expect. This is placing a bet on the total amount of times a 180 callout will be hit during an entire competition. In a higher level competition like the PDC Championships, you can expect this to be decently high. 

Tournaments To Watch

When looking to start darts betting, you need to find some tournaments to bet on. Luckily the darts season goes on for most of the year there are plenty of opportunities to bet on the darts.

The first annual Darts competition in each year is the Premier League which takes place from April to May and offers a grand prize of £250,000. One of the bigger mid-year competitions is the World Matchplay, taking place in the summer month of July and offering the opportunity for Legs Betting as the tournament is played in a legs format. 

There are a whole range of darts competitions to watch out for during the calendar year, but some of the bigger ones include the Grand Slam of Darts, the PDC Championships and the World Grand Prix, the first two of which are played in November and the third listed is played in October. 

Where To Bet on Darts

If you are searching to find a site that offers darts betting options on professional competitions and matches, you have stumbled upon the perfect place. Here at The Rockies, we bring you a sports betting page like no offer that shows you all the best deals and places to go to stake your wagers and earn your winnings! 

We also have a Sportsbook Review page from which you can locate our review of your chosen sportsbook and find out what our professional and unbiased verdict of that site will tell you about its factors. Most of the sportsbooks we have available offer darts betting markets so you can use some of the tips we have provided you.

Summary Of Darts Betting 

We hope that this brief article has given you any of the information you may have needed to surround Darts Betting and how to take part in this wonderful offspring of the Sports Bettors market. All you need is some knowledge and a pinch of luck and you could be well on your way to landing that bullseye bet that sets you up for a while. 

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Please remember to always gamble responsibly and never stake more than you can afford to lose. Gambling should be fun and enjoyable at all times.