How to win Blackjack

Ace of hearts and black jack with red and black poker chips in the background.

Blackjack is one of the easiest casino games around to play and, as such, has become one of the most popular card playing games for many individuals around the world, including bettors within Canada.

This page will be dedicated to providing those who may not have experienced the game before or may need some help and guidance about the rules of the game, whilst also providing some tips and educational features in regards to being able to win the game.

How to play Blackjack

As mentioned, blackjack is an incredibly simple game to play and one that does not have too many rules when adopting a rather simplistic and basic approach to the gameplay experience that can be provided when sitting at a table; whether that be via the many great live dealer games found at our partner online casino platforms or when you experience the game first-hand and in person at a physical casino.

Indeed, the aim of the game is to obtain a score of ‘21’ or be the closest as possible with the fewest cards and without going over the value desired. The game is typically played against the dealer, although there have been a number of variants that have provided a different twist.

Nonetheless, this dedicated guide will focus on the traditional form of the game. To begin the game, players will be provided with two cards that will be face-up, whilst the dealer will also recieve two cards, but just one of these will be shown to everyone.

How to win Blackjack

If the starting hand provides a total of ‘21’ via the use of a royal picture card (Jack, Queen and King) and an Ace, then this will be known as a ‘Blackjack’ and will provide the biggest rewards possible. This is the best possible hand that can be achieved when playing this game, although it can be one of the hardest hands to achieve from the beginning.

This is where the game gets interesting as bettors will need to test themselves and potentially hold their nerve when deciding what their next move will be. They will typically have a couple of options that they can utilise, including being ‘Hit’ with a new card to increase the value of the hand, using the ‘Split’ option to split their hand and potentially play with two hands to try and beat the dealer, or they can simply ‘Stick’ with the option that they have and hope that it is enough to obtain the win.

Naturally, there are a number of different betting strategies that are available to utilise, whilst a Blackjack chart can also be used, although these will generally be used by those individuals who have more experience playing the classic table game.


Blackjack is an incredibly enjoyable game that is popular with bettors all around the world and is one that can be rather simple to enjoy at the same time. There may be a number of different strategies that are available to adopt, but with rules being rather simple to follow, it is a game that is easy to learn and improve at.