Blackjack Chart Explained

A blackjack chart, which can also be known as a blackjack cheat sheet, is an incredibly useful resource that a number of individuals will continue to turn to when they play the classic casino game, as it will identify what their best option is when they are provided with a certain hand.

Our blackjack experts have decided to create this comprehensive article to highlight just how important this resource can be in helping bettors to achieve a positive gaming experience, whilst also recommending that bettors decide to use one to learn and understand what each hand can present them with when it occurs.

What is the blackjack chart?

To put things into simple terms, a blackjack chart is a table that will essentially highlight all of the best possible decisions that can be made and the next move a player should take when they are positioned in a situation after the two first cards have been dealt and the dealer’s up-card has been revealed.

When first seeing a blackjack cheat sheet, it can be a rather confusing experience and one that will look rather difficult to get your head around as there are a host of different options that can be used. 

Each chart – as there are different ones depending on the number of decks being used in the game being played – will list the five main options that players will have the chance to choose from each time they play a round at the table, with hit, double down, split, surrender and stand being the moves possible.

Reading a blackjack cheat sheet should be rather easy to do, although we will explain this a little further down in the article.

Why is it helpful to use a blackjack cheat sheet?

If you did not know already, there are a host of different combinations that can be achieved when playing a game of blackjack, with the mathematical element of the game potentially making things rather incredibly confusing for bettors.

Indeed, a blackjack strategy chart will provide those individuals with the opportunity to learn and identify what the maths says and what the odds predict will likely happen by being able to see the combinations laid out in front of them. This resource will then provide them with the ability to make an informed decision about what their next move should be as they will be positioned in the best possible position to be able to achieve a positive outcome.

Of course, it is important to understand that whilst a blackjack cheat sheet has the potential to help individuals improve their game significantly, it will not provide them with a win all the time as there is not an exact science. However, with all of the probabilities having been analysed, bettors will be in a better position for knowing what to do.

How is a blackjack chart used?

First off, it is important to be able to learn how to use a blackjack chart and being able to read what the information displayed is telling you is going to be the very first step.

Naturally, the very first few times that the chart is viewed, an individual’s brain may feel fried as there is a lot of information being provided on the sheet, with it all being incredibly mathematical. However, reading these charts become simpler the more times they are seen and used, as individuals get used to knowing what to look for.

When looking for the first time, it is important to learn that the very first column that can be seen is typically the values – or hand – that the player has, whilst the very top row is the up-card that the dealer has and can be seen by all.

By working with the details you already have, it is then important to follow across and down to the point where the two intersect, where an outcome will be displayed that will then suggest the next best possible move to put the individual in an optimum position.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the blackjack cheat sheet will provide one of five main options that the player should be considering. These are whether to hit, double down, split, surrender or stand depending on the cards that can be seen at the blackjack table.


It is vitally important for players who wish to have the very best blackjack betting experiences to try and learn the blackjack strategy chart as much as possible as they play, as this resource is incredibly helpful and can position them into the perfect position to win as often as possible against the dealer.

Although there is not an exact science to the blackjack cheat sheet, there is a reason why many casinos are not quite happy the mathematical information has been made available to people like you and me!