Best Online Blackjack Canada

We know our trusted readers want to be able to play the very best online blackjack games Canada has to offer, which is why our dedicated team of experts at have taken it upon themselves to find the best ones possible to play and provide some detail about each one.

By doing so, we believe we have provided you with all of the important information required to make an informed decision about which game to play is best for you and have provided an explanation as to why each of the titles mentioned should be strongly considered.

Take a look at the three different online blackjack games Canada has below and see why each of them can help to improve the overall blackjack gaming experience immensely!

Lucky Blackjack

Designed and created by Yggdrasil, Lucky Blackjack is  a game that is not too dissimilar to the traditional blackjack variants that can be found at many online casinos in regards to the gameplay that is offered, however it is a title that will perhaps provide a more appealing and attractive user experience in regards to the visuals on offer.

We all know that the more attractive something is to the eye, the more likely we are to spend more time looking at it and being engaged, therefore it is simple to recommend this game as one of the best blackjack games Canada has to offer.

The game utilises a total of six decks when being played, whilst the dealer will be soft on 17. The return to player (RTP) rate is 99.54%, thus providing bettors with a number of opportunities to win, whilst a number of different side bets can be used in this game, as well.

The side bets include ‘Lucky Ladies’ and ‘Lucky Lucky’. The first of the side bets are based on the player’s two cards, whilst the latter is based on the two cards as well as the dealer’s first card.

With up to three players able to sit at the table in one session, where they are subject to timers when making a decision, bettors who are waiting are able to adopt a ‘Bet Behind’ feature that allows them to bet on other players whilst they wait for their turn.

Sonya Blackjack

Sonya Blackjack is another title to have been produced and created by Yggdrasil that provides one of the best online blackjack games Canada can offer to their bettors, as it follows a traditional setup and provides its own unique twists.

The rules are as standard with a Blackjack hand paying out at 3:2, whilst also allowing bettors to use an Insurance bet if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. If this option is used and the dealer has a ‘Blackjack’, bettors will be rewarded with a payout of 2:1.

An RTP rate of 99.54% is available, and whilst there are the options to ‘Double Down’, ‘Hit’ or ‘Stand’ that remain, there is the possibility to utilise a number of interesting side bets to enhance the overall gameplay experience further.

These side bets include features such as the ‘Perfect Pair’ bet that can provide a reward of 25:1 when successful, whilst there are various others that include poker hands. For instance, a coloured pair will provide 12:1, whilst a mixed pair will provide 6:1. For those that are able to obtain 3 of the same cards (due to the six decks used), a payout of 100:1 is possible!

Single Deck Blackjack Multi-hand

Play’n GO’s Single Deck Blackjack Multi-hand game is another of the best online blackjack games Canada can offer to punters, as it provides a unique take on the classic game.

The main difference in this game compared to many of the other variations that are available to play is that bettors are able to have three hands in a single betting session! These three hands can then be used to try and beat the single hand that the dealer has.

Indeed, many of the other gameplay features that can be expected within a blackjack game all remain and exist, thus making this game one that is simple to enjoy. The RTP rate of 98.74% is not quite as high as expected but remains favourable.


We hope this dedicated best online blackjack games Canada has to offer page will have provided you with some new options to explore and potentially enjoy as we feel these variations of the classic table casino game are amongst the best at the moment.