How to play Baccarat

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Baccarat is one of the most popular games that can be found available to play at many of the top online casino platforms that has the pleasure of being able to offer to our valued readers.

However, we also understand that it may not have been the main choice of game for many in the gambling community, especially given the popularity of other classics such as blackjack, roulette and poker.

Nonetheless, we recognise that there are a number of Canadians who have continued to be attracted to the game and may be feeling a little lost when it comes down to how the game is played and what the rules are, which is why we have decided to create this dedicated article!

So, sit back and get comfortable as we are about to get you ready to enjoy a new baccarat betting experience and one that can be incredibly rewarding!

How to play baccarat

“How to play Baccarat” is a thought that will have run through many of the gambling community at one point and it is a valid question to ask by those who have very limited or no experience of playing this game at all.

However, it is important to understand that this card game is actually rather simple to play and is far from complex, which is why it has become incredibly popular with many bettors around the world and within Canada.

The rules of baccarat will simply require all the betting on any particular hand to take place before the hand has been completed. Once the chosen bet has been placed (which will typically be ‘Player’ or ‘Banker’), two cards will be dealt to each hand.

Players will have been making the bet based on trying to predict which hand will then acquire a total that is closest to the value of ‘9’. Players can also bet on ‘Tie’, which is when the two hands have the same value after they are dealt.

How to win Baccarat

Once the rules and objectives of the game are known, it gets down to the interesting part of the game and learning about how to win at baccarat. Again, this is relatively simple and will become clearer the more times the table game is played.

When the hands that have been dealt have been revealed, it is important to realise that the cards that are valued higher than ‘9’ – 10, J, Q, and K – will be given a score of zero whilst the Ace card will be handed a value of ‘1’.

If players achieve a score that is higher than ‘9’, then a total of 10 will be subtracted from the overall value that was obtained. For example, players who are dealt with a ‘7’ and a ‘9’ card will receive a score of ‘6’ as 10 is taken from the 16 that the two add together would make.

It is also important to understand that games of baccarat can be determined by the house rules, as some will allow a third card to be drawn whilst others will not.

A winning ‘Player’ hand will provide a payout of 1:1, whereas those who bet on ‘Banker’ will receive a payout of 1:1 but be required to pay a commission of 5% for the privilege of obtaining a win. Those that bet on ‘Tie’ and are successful will be rewarded with an 8:1 payout!


Baccarat is a truly simple casino table game to learn and one that can be easy to pick up as there are only a few rules in which players must try and remember when they play this game.

Our readers will be able to enjoy this classic table game at many of the great online casino platforms on our site, which is where we would recommend going to play the game if it is for the very first time!