Baccarat Strategy


Baccarat is one of the top casino games currently being played by Canadians and bettors all around the world at the moment, but this should not come as a surprise.

The game has an incredible legacy and is incredibly established as a top game, however another reason is because of the simplicity that the game provides and the potential it provides individuals who wish to be strategic when playing, as they can adopt a number of different baccarat strategies when they play!

Check out this guide now to learn all about the best baccarat strategy that is available to utilise and further enhance your online betting experience in this game as quickly as possible.

What is a baccarat strategy?

A baccarat strategy is a plan or method that a bettor will look to implement and follow when they are playing this game, as it will provide them with the best chance of being able to win as many hands as possible when they play the game.

There are a number of different betting strategies that can be adopted when playing baccarat, though, so it is important to try and learn each of them in order to work out which won is going to provide you with the best outcomes and is, perhaps, the easiest to follow.

Examples can include betting solely on the banker of this game, never betting on the ‘Tie’ bet, or adopting other baccarat strategies such as the Martingale System, the Fibonacci System, the Paroli System, the Labouchere System or the D’Alembert System.

Do you need to implement a baccarat strategy?

Although there is never a must when it comes down to implementing a winning baccarat strategy, it would be wise to play this game with one in mind as it should only help to enhance the overall baccarat experience and one that can turn the game into an activity that is highly profitable.

There will be some that will simply just want to have fun whilst playing the game and trying to make the right prediction, but for those who actually want to be able to win more often than not and consider the fun element of the game to be secondary, then it is crucial to have a winning baccarat strategy in mind when at a table.

Why is it important to have a baccarat strategy?

As mentioned, it is incredibly important for bettors who wish to have a positive and winning experience when playing baccarat to adopt a strategy that will work for them and provide them with the results that they desire.

By adopting a baccarat strategy, bettors will be in control of the game from the beginning as they will be able to dictate what they do and how they do it, as those who decide to go all blasé will find that their bankroll will dwindle quicker than ever before due to the simplicity of the game.

What is a winning baccarat strategy?

Our baccarat experts mentioned many of the best baccarat betting strategies above, but there is one that is recognised around the world as being the only baccarat betting strategy that should be implemented when playing the game.

For those who wish to adopt a winning baccarat strategy, players should always wager on the Banker and never look to use the ‘Tie’ bet that is available, despite the fact that it can be rather appealing due to the payout that is possible. Even though many variants of baccarat will require a commission to be paid when successfully betting on the banker, this is still worth paying compared to many of the other bets possible.

When they say “the numbers do not lie”, it could not ring any truer when placing a wager on the Banker. The return to player (RTP) theoretical rate for those that place Banker bets is an incredible 98.94%, whilst the theoretical house edge for the casino is 1.06%.

Compare that to the RTP rate of the ‘Player’ bet which is 98.76%, bettors have a greater chance of being more successful wagering against the banker, whilst the ‘Tie’ provides an RTP rate of 85.64%, which is incredibly low compared to the other RTP rates mentioned.


Indeed, it is clear that there might only be one baccarat strategy out of the many worth following, although it is advisable to look at each one in detail and work out which one is right for you as not each one will be ideal for everybody’s needs.

However, what we can say for sure is that those that manage to implement a winning baccarat strategy will have a greater positive experience than those that do not!