Athletics Betting Tips

athletics track
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A Brief Guide to Athletics Betting

With the gradual and recent rise in the popularity of Athletics, there has also been a rising demand for betting options on Athletics events. We have tailored to this and allowed you to bet on Athletics here on The Rockies. The main reason for its popularity with sports bettors is because the rules are always the same and they are very simple to get the hang of. 

On the contrary to other sports betting options like Soccer or the F1, there are not a whole range of betting options inside of Athletics which makes it very easy to find and place your bets without too much confusion or needing a lot of time for deliberation. 

Types of Athletics Bets

Of course, despite the simplicity overall, there are still a few options for you to choose from when it comes to actually placing your bets. In Athletics betting, you focus more on specific competitors rather than teams, which means that researching into specific player performance is a lot easier and can be more targeted overall.

There are a few types of bets you can choose from when betting on Athletics, which include the follow options: 

Win Bet

This bet is very self-explanatory, and you are essentially placing a wager on which competitor you think will win the entire event. This is much like an Outright or Money Line bet, as you are just choosing your favourite or the most likely of the bunch to reign victorious in any given event. 

Place Bet

A ‘place’ bet is similar to a Win Bet, but instead of saying who you think will take the victory, you are betting on who you think will finish with a specified range of positions. This is usually Top 3 (3rd, 2nd or 1st position) but can range on different events so make sure you check before you place one of these bets. The odds are usually slightly shorter on these bets, but they are somewhat easier to get correct. 

Each-Way Bet

An each-way bet is much like a Double, but it allows you two chances at winning some sort of return. Basically, if you place an each-way bet on a person, you are saying that they will either Win or Place. If you wager C$10 on an Each-way Bet, your total wager is C$20. If your competitor then Wins, you win both halves of the bet, but if they only Place, half loses and the other half wins. This is an extra safety bet on top of a Place bet, and it can give you a better chance of winning something back. 

What Are Athletics Betting Odds Like?

The odds for most sports work in the same way, as the Bookmaker will shorten/lower the odds for a person who is more likely to win. The odds will be lower for a crowd favourite to win over an underdog, but this does not always mean the favourite will win. More often than not, you will see one of the underdogs prevail and actually go on to win despite the fact they did not have the banking of the Bookmaker. 

More popular events such as Men’s 100m Sprint or 2000m Relay will offer much shorter odds than something like Women’s Long Jump or Discus because there will be a lot more money going into the more popular events. For this reason, punters who put in the time to research can capitalise on the higher odds on lesser known events. 

What Events Are Available?

You can usually find bets on all events such as track, field and mixed/combined events. Track events are sports such as metered sprints, relays and hurdles. Field events are split into two main sections under Throw and Jump. Throw events include Hammer throw, Shot Put, Javelin and more. Jump events are the likes of High, Long and Triple Jump. 

How Can I Keep Up To Date With Athletics?

It can seem quite daunting to try and keep track of athletics events when you take into consideration the fact there is no specific teams or big named events other than things like the Olympics, but it becomes lot a easier to track an event or even a specific player if you know where to look.

Usually, a quick Google search will help you find out what events are upcoming in the near future, or to keep track of the whereabouts of a single competitor that you like the look of for your next punt. We usually post a brief introduction and Preview of certain sporting events, so you may be able to find some Athletics Previews right here on The Rockies.